Our events range from down home country to fine dining. So, we offer 4 different types of dinnerware suitable for your occasion.

Here you can see some of the dinnerware we use at Miss Match Rentals.

The Fine China Set— We have a wide array of china dinnerware ranging from simple flowered patterns to transferware to scalloped dishes to gold plated rims. Our china set includes makers such as Johann Haviland, the Johnson Brothers, Nautilus, Homer Laughlin, Fire King, Limoge, Georgian, Louden, and Abingdon.

Our Mid-Century Collection

We have dinner, salad, and dessert platesas well as a wonderful collection of fine china tea cups and saucers.

The Mid-Century Set— Known for its funky yet simple patterns on a white background, the mid-century set dates from the 1950’s and 60’s. It is primarily brightly colored and broadly pastel overall with the main palette being a sunshine yellow.

It may remind you of the true diner dinnerware from that time period. Peter Terris, Ironstone, Homer Laughlin, Crooksville,  Mikasa, and Cavalier are a few of the brands that can be found in this collection. We have dinner, salad, and dessert plates in this style. We are working on building our collection of tea cups from this era.



The Stoneware Set— Based on a stoneware background of brown to off white, this set dates from the 1970’s to the late 1980’s. It is made up of mostly fall colors with burnt oranges, mustard yellows, and browns with patterns that are typically organic in nature.

The stoneware set is great for casual get-togethers, outside barbeques, and rustic , fall celebrations. We have dinner, salad, and dessert plates in this style.

Cottage White

Cottage White

The Cottage White Set–This is our newest set and was a big hit last season. The Cottage White consists of mismatched white and cream  patterned dinnerware. We believe that this approach invites interest into the tablescape in a subtle and powerful way.This set allows the renter to add a splash of color to the setting, such as a flower, napkin, or tea cup on the dinner plate if they choose. We have dinner, salad, and dessert plates in this style.

We also have a large collection of vintage milk glass vases, blue ball jars, vintage linens, serving platters, cake plates, and chandeliers.  Schedule a visit to view the entire inventory at our warehouse display room.

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